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Why attending the Unlimited Off-Road Expo?

The UOR Expo is the largest and most dedicated industry show & expo for you in the mid-west and east! Innovations, news and all the top products of the 4x4 and automotive adventure world will be on display from June 2 – 3, 2017 in Louisville, at the Kentucky Expo Center.

Meet the top brands and distributors and find out how to improve your bottom line with some of the most famous and creative manufacturers in the industry. Meet at the same time thousands of Truck, Jeep, Buggy and UTV minded people and enjoy some of the top custom builds the industries has to offer.

Customizing is a strong growing trend and nothing generates more attention for your local business than a well build Truck, Jeep/OHV or UTV, perfectly worked into OE warranties, sales, finance, parts and service departments. Come visit our seminar!

Whether you are a shop, a dealership or a retailer – UOR Expo offers you a 360 view all across the industry and provides with direct contacts to manufacturers and distributors. Grow your brand and find the right business partners to attract more and more local customers.

What is my benefit?

Whatever it is you seek: We make it happen! Education, information and simply entertainment for you, your team and your customers is the purpose of the show. Two day access and activities, for you and your team. See you at the Kentucky Expo Center!

  • Business lounge exclusively for you with drinks & snacks
  • B2B reception, dinner and special party free for you
  • Special deals for your business only during UOR Expo
  • Represent your business at low cost at the Expo
  • Book a meeting room at no cost at the UOR Expo
  • Join one of our high caliber industry seminars
  • Sign up for the Newsletter and stay in touch for more…

Things you should also know:

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A Triple Threat Festival

The UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo turns Louisville, KY into the melting pot for Off-Road Vehicles, Outdoor Gear and Adventure Sports. Thousands of enthusiasts, friends and their families come from all over the mid west and east to enjoy a truly action packed weekend.

UOR Expo is your external market place
- Your Boomtown in the East of the USA.

Find new vendors and still sell directly to all types of end-consumers at the same show. Our marketing efforts attract manufacturers, distributors and potential customers to grow opportunity right here at your central meeting point in Louisville, KY. Become a part of it and take advantage of this market opportunity.

The UOR Expo Concept - Passion meets Opportunity.

Find new b2b contacts and sell directly to all types of vehicle owners at the same show. Our marketing efforts attract distributors, retail stores, shops and fabricators, tire dealers, vehicle dealerships and end- consumers to constantly grow opportunity at your central meeting point in the mid-west and east of the USA.

Be prepared to represent your brand, showcase your products and sell to thousands of high quality enthusiasts during all expo days.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive marketplace for the entire industry and to connect potential business partners. Making our exhibitors thrive is part of our b2b attitude. Engaging more consumers to the 4x4 world and adventure lifestyle by presenting news and innovations turns the UOR Expo into a festival.

UOR Expo is the 2nd largest Off Road Industry Show in the USA and takes place in the nations 6th largest expo facility – located just 5 minutes away from downtown Louisville, KY.
The “triple-threat” approach connects businesses, attracts consumer and entertains existing and new fans
Exhibitors benefit from our growing b2b connections as well as the strong b2c market environment
The Kentucky Expo Center, offers a unique scenario with its 5 acres lawn and our obstacle course – right in front of the prestigious South Wing C with its 166,000 sq. ft. and multiple conference rooms

The UOR Expo is your Marketplace in the Mid-West and East.

Within an 10 hour driving radius, the Unlimited Off Road Expo has access to more than 62% of all Americans – 215 million people, making the area the highest populated in the USA. Plenty of off-road parks, 390 miles shoreline, the Appalachian mountains and the largest cavern system in the world offer endless activities to an estimated over 120,000 off-road, outdoors and adventure enthusiasts who live within 2.5 hours of Louisville.

Within 150 miles we have targeted over 350 companies as professional attendees. Our broad marketing activities remain in contact throughout the year and inform about market, manufacturers and more. Jeep alone has 22 Dealerships within 70 miles of Louisville.

  • 2nd largest and fast growing Off-Road Industry Show & Expo in the USA
  • 200+ Indoor/Outdoors Exhibitors in 2016
  • 20,848 visitors during June 3 - 5, 2016
  • Off Roaders visited from all across the mid-west and east
  • 648 visiting Industry Professionals (dealerships, retailers, tire dealers, shops)
  • 1,364 vehicles participating in the Cavern & Tavern Charity Night Crawl
  • 166,000 sq. ft. indoors + multiple conference & meeting rooms, 5 acres outdoors – top location to meet new and existing customers

UOR Expo – get connected to a strong business environment.

Almost year-round marketing activities focus on the industry in total. Retailers, vehicle dealerships, parks, clubs, media and off road enthusiasts are the target audience to grow both, expo and exhibitors:

  • Print mailer, email news, social media activities and promo tours
  • Call Center activities to stay in contact
  • Special offers and promotions to attract industry professionals
  • Dealership and retailer seminars at UOR Expo

UOR Expo – marketing geared toward quality consumers.

Our marketing almost never stops. We almost any effort to grow the awareness for our event and promote the variety of activities visitors get to experience.
Billboards (14.4 million impressions in 2015), park flyers, ads, promo-materials
Road show to reach out to crowds in KY and all states around
Email, online/social media campaigns
Support of exhibitors to help promote the expo through their channels
Huge POWERNATION marketing package to reach millions of enthusiasts in the region before and after the expo

  • Social Media:
Unlimited Off-Road Expo Social Media Follower: 21,851
    Total Reach (organic): 636,313 followers
    2015 Facebook Trailer Videos: 
Trailer: 2,257 likes: 174,264 views
    Approx. YouTube clicks in 2015: 2,500,000

The UOR Expo – exciting activities included!

  • UOR Expo means connecting, representing, selling and entertaining – indoors and outdoors.
  • The one-of-a-kind obstacle course is open to public wheeling all weekend and ready for your product presentation. Three days of action with Ultra4 racers, Rock Bouncers and SXS races.
  • B2B activities to connect exhibitors and engage business within the community
  • “Innovations Walk” Presentations Area for your news, innovations and trends in our industry
  • Live product presentations and test drives on our outside driving course can be offered by you
    Seminar programs allow you to educate dealers and consumers
  • Welcome your dealers and retailers in one of our meeting rooms for up to 800 people
  • Race activities to attract the broader public to our sports and industry; course is open to public
  • Live custom Jeep JKU build for CBS/Power Nation TV Xtreme Offroad (broadcasting 5x)
  • Driving Experience for Dealerships, Retailers and Consumers
  • Cavern & Tavern Charity Crawl with big after party
  • Indoor “Tough Guy Challenge”
  • R/C Off-Road Course indoors
  • Public wheeling on our one-of-a-kind off-road course – from mild to extreme
  • Show & Shine Competition
  • Extensive marketing with park and road tour promotions, pre-events, 
newsletters, print mailers, ads, online/social media, billboards, sponsoring, 
partner programs…
June 2-3 2017 - Kentucky Exposition Center - Louisville, Kentucky -


Visitors in 2016


Visiting Industry Professionals (dealerships, retailers, tire dealers, shops)


Indoor/Outdoors Exhibitors in 2016


Vehicles participated in the Cavern & Tavern Charity Night Crawl