June 2-3 2017

Louisville, KY

Jeeps, Trucks, UTV’s, Buggies and off-road vehicles of all categories, together with the outdoors and adventure sports build the focal point of the expo.

From all 4x4 vehicles, aftermarket products and accessories to custom performance and racing solutions, the variety of our exhibitors reflects almost anything the hard core enthusiast, the daily driver and the weekend warrior is looking for.

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive marketplace for manufacturers, distributors, jobbers, retailers shops and fabricators to help connect business partners. Showing off products, news, custom vehicles while presenting a one-of-a-kind off-road entertainment attracts thousands of quality consumers. The UOR Expo is a 4x4 and adventure lifestyle festival with business attitude.

  • UOR Expo is the largest Off Road Industry Show in the Mid-West and East of the USA and takes place in the nations 6th largest expo facility, in Louisville, KY – located just 5 minutes away from downtown.
  • The “triple-threat” approach connects businesses, attracts consumer and entertains existing and new fans
  • Exhibitors benefit from our growing b2b connections as well as the strong b2c market environment.
  • The Kentucky Expo Center, offers a unique scenario with its 5 acres lawn and our obstacle course – right in front of the prestigious South Wing C with its 166,000 sq. ft. and multiple conference rooms.

The UOR Expo is your Marketplace in the Mid-West and East.

Our ongoing marketing activities are in constant reach to all industry participants in the market field, including vehicle dealerships. Our presence at off-road events grows the awareness as ultimate industry show amongst all consumer categories.

  • 2nd largest and fastest growing Off-Road (exclusively) Industry Show & Expo in the USA
  • 166,000 sq. ft. indoors + multiple conference & meeting rooms, 5 acres outdoors –
    just 5 minutes away from Downtown Louisville, at the KEC, the 6th largest expo center in the USA.

UOR Expo visitors own in 2016 mostly two or three 4x4 vehicles. Jeep, Trucks, UTV’s and Buggies are highly represented as well as a large number of open and enclosed haulers.

Total number of Indoor/Outdoors Exhibitors in 2016


Total visitors June 3-5, 2016 from 30 States (2015: 13,120)


Total visiting Industry Professionals
(2015: 318)


Total vehicles participating Cavern & Tavern Night Crawl:


UOR Expo – get connected to a strong business environment.

Our marketing activities are geared toward consumers and businesses from
a-z long before and after the hot phases of our actual show. Our exposure in numbers:

Traditional Media

Billboards (14.3 million impressions in 2016), park flyers, ads, promo-materials
Road show to reach out to KY and all states around
Email, online/social media campaigns
Support of exhibitors to help promote the expo through their channels
Huge POWERNATION marketing package to reach millions of enthusiasts
Radio Commercials, national campaign (4.5 million people)

Online/Social Media

Website traffic, annually: 350,000
Unlimited Off-Road Expo Social Media Follower: 30,000
Total Reach social media 1.8 million
YouTube clicks in 2016 only: 450,000

Mid West & East –
top demographic, real enthusiasts

Within an 10 hour driving radius, the Unlimited Off Road Expo has access to more than 62% of all Americans –215 million people, making the area the highest populated in the USA. Plenty of off-road parks, 390 miles shoreline, the Appalachian mountains and the largest cavern system in the world offer endless activities to an estimated 110,000 off-road, outdoors and adventure enthusiasts who live within 2.5 hours of Louisville.
The states surrounding Kentucky consist of a population of approx. 61 million people. Off-roaders earn an average income of $71k annually and are often self-employed. The targeted core spectator age varies from
26 - 58 years. 22% of them are active female off-road drivers.

Research together with the city of Louisville has shown the potential of 80 -120k off-road enthusiasts in this area only. 65% claim to have at least two 4x4 vehicles. 34% have three 4x4 vehicles where one is dedicated to off-road use only (i.e. Rock Racer Buggy, Crawl Jeep, Race UTV, etc.).

Exciting activities included!

The ”triple threat” exciting upgrades for 2017:

UOR Expo means connecting, representing, selling and entertaining – indoors and outdoors. The one-of-a-kind obstacle course is open to public wheeling all weekend and ready for your product presentation. Three days of action with Ultra4 Racers, Rock Bouncers, SXS Races and more.

  • B2B activities to connect exhibitors and engage business with the marketplace
  • 4th Street Invasion with big Downtown Party
  • “Innovations Walk” Presentations Area for your news, innovations and trends in our industry
  • Live product presentations and test drives on outside driving areas can be offered by you
  • Seminar programs allow you to educate dealers and consumers
  • Race activities to attract the broader public to our sports and industry
  • Live build with Powernation TV and Ian Johnson/Xtreme Offroad
  • In-Town Driving Event open to all vehicles will be released soon!
  • Dedicated Jeep & Truck Events will be announced soon
  • Public wheeling on our one-of-a-kind off-road course
  • Show ‘n Shine with $$ prize and staged 4x4 Vehicle Show
  • Pre-Party on Thursday night (for Jeep; Truck; UTV; Buggy)
  • Miss “Unlimited Summer” Voting with $$ prize
  • Performance Alley with State-of-the-Art Performance Dyno,
    CTI Ramp and
    Installation Service with Tech-Consultation
June 2-3 2017 - Louisville, Kentucky Exposition Center